On Street Photography


Enjoying the Fountain--sm.jpg

I am naturally a bit of a shy person and having a camera in hand is comforting as I know I will always be behind the lens and not in front of it.  I do have a sneaky habit of taking photos of photographers in action.  They seem fair game, if you ask me.  The trouble is my personality makes it difficult for me to take street photos of strangers.  I feel that it is an intrusion to others or even might be met with hostility and basically choke.

I found this interview of photographer Dominic Stafford with useful tips for street photography.  I will be flying to New York City next week for a conference and I am sure some of these tips would be useful in Times Square, don’t you think?  Stayed tuned.

By the way, all photos on this site are my own unless explicitly stated otherwise.  For more on this particular photo outing, here is a link to my older blog.



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