Thank You Google Streetview

Sensory Overload--sm.jpg

Just a random observation about travel photography–I love taking pictures while on the road but often circumstances seem to conspire against quality photography.  My first few days in Hong Kong last year were a blur of jet lag (14 hours’ time change), disorientation and culture shock.  Part of the time my son had a fever so I’m sure he was even less coherent that I was.

One of our first days there, we took the ferry to Kowloon.  We walked most of the day from high end shopping streets reminiscent of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, to a lovely urban park, to shopping streets crammed with vendors and people.  I tried to reconstruct our ramblings on the map and this is where Google Streetview comes in handy.  At the top of this post is my image of a street at night.  Where, exactly I couldn’t quite remember.  At this point my son and I had separated.  He was tired and headed back to the hotel but I wanted to see the night market.  After a bit of walking with crowds and neon that might put Times Square to shame, I was wondering if I would have the strength to get back to the hotel myself.

At any rate, today I turned to Google to help me place my image on the map.  Here is a screen shot of what Google found for me.


What’s more, I could view the street from above and from many angles.  I think I could amuse myself virtually walking through Hong Kong for hours.  Too bad I can’t eat and shop there too.


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