By Any Other Name

Darla R--sm.jpg

Leaving Hong Kong and China for a minute to participate in the Daily Post’s photo challenge.  The theme for the day is “Names” and I have always been intrigued by the names people assign to boats and ships.  In Seattle, there are some hard-working commercial fishing boats docked at Fisherman’s Terminal.  After a lovely seafood dinner at Chinook’s, it is a lot of fun to stroll the docks and admire the boats.

Lady Brenda--sm.jpg

The name “Ricky K” amused me because my father’s name is Richard and his last initial is K.

Ricky K--sm.jpg

Other names I saw included: Emancipator, Lady Kate, Deception, Quandary and Quetzal.  The toughest naming job I ever had was choosing names for my kids.  Other than that, I’ve named some pets and two blogs.  I’ll skip the boat-naming gig.


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