City Rambles

David Lane and Foot Luck--sm.jpg

In urban areas, the grand shots are the skylines, the high rises, the great feats of architecture but some of my real joy of photography is in the small scenes.  In the photo above, the details catch the eye:  the Foot Luck sign, the red t-shirt hanging to dry, the mural of a woman with something on her head, even the “temporary public toilet.”  This is a scene one could spend time in.

Old Door--sm.jpg

What happened to this door?  Why cut down the tree and leave the roots?  Why plaster over half the window?  I can almost imagine the door leads to some mysterious world like in a childhood favorite fantasy story.  If only I could have opened it….

Derelict Building--sm.jpg

Why is this building still standing among the modern high rises?  I imagine it might have been charming, much more so than its neighbors, back when it was new.  Even in photos, Hong Kong is an adventure for the eyes and imagination.


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