The definition I found on line is: “The character and atmosphere of a place.”  (Google search).  When I think of ambience, I tend to think of a bar or restaurant as opposed to a home, office building or museum, for example.  Here is a picture I took in Scotland that brings ambience to mind.  By the way, my spell check is rejecting ambience but it can be spelled either ambiance (French-style) or ambience (English).  Have it your way.


This is the bar in Port Askaig, Islay of the Scottish Hebrides islands.  Note it is well stocked  with Irn Bru, an ultra sweet Scottish soft drink as well as local whiskies, Caol Isla, Bruichladdich, Jura, Laphroaig and Ardmore.  I didn’t indulge but I did have a pint of local and very peaty beer with lunch one day.  We stayed at the owner’s house which is also part of the B & B.

For more ambient photos proceed to The Daily Post photo challenge.


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