Experiments in Photography


Back in October, while I was in New York, I went to a flea market and bought myself a vintage camera.  I have a couple now, call it a small collection, but I never got one of them working.  This time I put in a little internet time and found out how to use my new toy.  It is a Zeiss Ikon Simplex camera.  I’m not sure of its age.  I’d guess it is from the 1930’s or 1940’s.  It looked to be in good shape so I loaded in some 120 film (which had been in my desk since 2008, so vintage too in its own way) and took it out to the local park.


I only get 8 images per roll and in the absence of a dark room, I need to ship the film out for processing so there is a 2 week delay between taking an image and seeing the results.  I got back my pictures last week and was happy to see they turned out OK.  Not great, but I vote this worth working on perfecting. I guessed on the exposure and did pretty well.  I think there was a light leak but the images are interesting, have a lovely depth to them.  Overall, I would say an experiment worth repeating.

Park View--sm.jpg

A small teaser, though.  I won’t be processing any more film for a few weeks.  Two weeks from now I will be heading to Italy.  I’ll be carrying my digital camera but will probably not invest the suitcase space for a camera that only holds 8 images!  I am very much looking forward to my getaway and to sharing many more shots.


One thought on “Experiments in Photography

  1. Wow, I suppose to work with something like this and to actually get images must feel amazing 🙂 Looking forward to see the 8 special photos from Italy!


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