Anybody Home?


I’m back to China.  I saw this on the street in Hong Kong and had to take a picture.  Citrus from Australia, apples from Washington.  I’ve been to Lake Chelan many times.  It is a deep and long lake in eastern Washington, a region that is obviously notable for its apples.

Seaplane on Chelan--sm.jpg

At its western end it enters the North Cascades National Park.  From there you can hike the Pacific Crest Trail in to Canada (on my bucket list but it may never happen).  The world keeps getting smaller, from Chelan to Hong Kong is a small trip for an apple.

If anyone reads this, thank you for all your “likes.”  When I started blogging (a different blog back on Blogger), quite a few years ago at the peak of the blogging boom and pre-Facebook, people actually read posts and commented and the etiquette was that it was expected that comments received a reply.  This has changed over the years and is part of why I had stopped blogging.  Why post in the absence of feedback?  There clearly are other reasons so here I am.  Anyone who actually has gotten this far into my post, I’m new to WordPress and can’t figure out how to post vertically oriented (portrait style) photos smaller than they automatically load.  They tend to dominate the post too much.  Any advice from wiser minds than mine?

Happy Wednesday.  Sarala


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