Why I Marched


I marched for universal healthcare.  I marched out of respect for our Muslim citizens.  I marched to support our immigrants and because my great-grandparents were immigrants, my husband is a naturalized citizen and my kids are the sons of an immigrant.  I marched because my people have been marginalized and persecuted and came to America to escape from all that.

Silence is Betrayal--sm.jpg

I marched because I am a woman.  I marched because I am a human.  I marched because I voted for Hillary.  I marched because it was the right thing to do.  I marched because my patients are afraid for themselves and their families.  I marched because black lives matter.  I marched because Planned Parenthood provided healthcare to me once.  I marched because I listen to NPR and value the arts.  I marched because I have children.  I marched because climate change is real and a threat to future generations.

Liberty and Justice for All--sm.jpg

I marched to stand with my friends, all 250,000 of them.  I marched because it is what a nasty woman does.


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