A Month in Bari, Italy

Bari Harbor--sm.jpg

Yes, here I am in Bari, Italy in the Puglia region.  Why I’m here is a long story.  The shortish version is that I needed a break, from work and from winter.  Living in Chicago, means I need a break from winter every year.  This year we are having one of our mildest winters ever but I didn’t know that when I planned this trip.  Even so, a Chicago winter is long, dark and cold and the lure of a warmer climate and an exotic adventure called.

Blue skies and palm trees--sm.jpg

One could also call this trip a midlife crisis, a sabbatical or a retreat.  This is the longest vacation I have taken in a very long time and also the longest time I have spent living alone, perhaps ever.  No roommate, kids, husband–just me.  This trip is also a project.  I have a book written, a children’s book, but it has needed editing and has been stalled for longer than I care to admit.  This summer I took a workshop and my instructor said it was time I looked into getting published.  And then I got stuck again.

From the Castle Walls--sm.jpg

It seems I cannot live my normal life and finish this project, so I rented an apartment here in Bari, where I can be warm and walk outside by the Mediterranean and escape my responsibilities and just write.  So far, so good.  I am currently editing page 67 of 88 of my manuscript.  A few more days to go and then I will begin the next step, that of trying to find an agent.  I am anxious but committed.  After all, I’ve traveled across the Atlantic and hidden out in southern Italy to do this.  I can’t return without having given it my best shot.


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