A day on the Amalfi Coast

I am still blogging from my phone which limits my verbal and photographic eloquence.   I drove along the coast today.  Amalfi is as beautiful as they say.  Like driving Highway one in California only more dangerous and with crazier drivers.  I cannot imagine driving there in the summer. This marred the experience to a degree as did the lack of parking.  Maybe it needs to be like Yosemite is now.  Limited car access and many shuttles.  I don’t know but lack of parking prevented accessing some lovely sites.  I am just glad I survived the day.

I leave Italy in two days.  If all goes well, tomorrow will be a visit to Pompeii.  I am currently “parked” in a pleasant restaurant sipping red wine and eating seafood.

Download speeds are slow so my photo may never get published.  (Update, obviously it did).



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