Marching on

Paid more taxes--sm

I have been to two more protest marches since my last post.  The first on tax day to demand Trump release his taxes.  I am among those who think Trump has secrets from the American people, ones that we need to know.  I doubt we will ever see his tax returns unless someone leaks them but I believe that we need to keep stating our opposition to our president even if it comes to nothing.  On a lighter front, I have discovered a true joy in photographing the events and in being part of them at the same time.  I won’t usually take off work to march, but I had a free Saturday so why not?

Treasonous Nazi Coward--sm

The second march is the March for Science.  This one is nearer to my heart.  I am myself a physician scientist with a PhD in Molecular Genetics.  I am also the daughter and wife of scientists and believe deeply that science should inform our public policy.  We had some debate at home whether scientists should become political and perhaps scientists should remain above politics.  However, in an era of defunding of science and environmental protections, of gag rules and with a president who Tweets that climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, scientists need to act as citizen experts and declare their knowledge to the world.

Dump Fossil Fools--sm.jpg

The march coincided with a planned trip to Seattle to visit family, so instead of marching in Chicago, I wound up marching with my older son in Seattle.  This had a certain interest given the geek cred of the city although it turned out that, true-to-form, the Seattle march was a bit soggy.

Half a Brain--sm.jpg


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