Polaroid CUBE

If you peer through the train windows, you can see a man waiting for a train and a woman carrying a musical instrument.  Who are they and where were they going?  Unless I’m plotting a thriller, we will never know.

Travel is a feast for the eyes, a harvest for the camera,  a respite for the soul.  It is adventure that makes home all the more appreciated.

Narrow Beach--sm
Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy

Europe is a delight for Americans because new experiences are only a short train ride away.  The United States are lovely and large but so much harder to view in detail, like a Google map pulled far out.

Chelan View--sm.jpg
View of Lake Chelan and North Cascades range, Washington

I write this post from my parents’ second home in Chelan, Washington. To get here, I travel from my Chicago home to Seattle, around 6 hours of travel by car and plane, then another 3-1/2 hours by car to Chelan. It is well worth the trip but a far cry from hopping the bullet train from London to Paris. Tomorrow I begin the reverse trip back to Seattle. By the time I arrive home my wanderlust will need a rest stop.

For the Daily Post Weekly Challenge, Wanderlust

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