An inconsequential activist

All babies deserve healthcare
Today I participated in my 5th protest of the year. I am not setting any records but at least I feel as though I am making a statement. The statement may only have meaning to myself as I look for meaning as I age. It is also a way to express my outrage.

Pretty couple in pink

I am not trying to change anyone’s mind–these days it seems unlikely that the fine art of persuasion is working on very many people. I am, however, standing up and being counted. Today’s event was a healthcare rally. It was a small turn out but that meant I could actually hear the speakers who represented healthcare on many fronts–people of color, mental health advocates, NARAL, Arab-Americans, women–all representing groups who would be harmed by the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

First do no harm

I didn’t bring a sign but I did bring my camera. In a way, my contribution is to stand up and blog, tweet, Facebook and Instagram. The ACA has been good to a few of my patients, not as good as it could be, largely due to insurance company game-playing when they did not see enough profit in being part of the marketplaces. As time passes, in spite of my doubts about the ability of government to manage a national health care system, I find myself leaning toward universal health care like in Canada and Europe over the fragmented and crazed system we are now dealing with. I have stopped believing, if I ever did, that health care should be a for-profit enterprise.

Saying thanks

Today, at the rally a woman walked up to me and asked what the event was about. I told her health care and she asked pro or anti-Trump. I answered anti and she shouted “Go Trump.” I think I may have told her to go to hell. Not the most civil response, but heartfelt.


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