I always walk more when I travel and, usually, I see more people walking as well. I have always been a little shy of street photography as I am reluctant to photograph strangers. I don’t like looking down the barrel of someone else’s camera lens. Why should I impose on others? Have you ever wondered how many random photos there are of you floating around the internet? More than a few I would guess unless you never leave home.
For the Daily Post Photo Challenge this week (Pedestrian, obviously) I sorted through my travel photos and found a few that seem to illustrate the theme well.

People watching in Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China. Normally a tourist would see quite a crowd from this vantage point but we had the advantage of traveling in January. We had a wonderful lunch here and then went biking. Biking out of the city proper was one of the more terrifying experiences I have had in a long time. Imagine bumper cars but you are on a bike and everyone else has a car or motorcycle. And there are no rules.

Pedestrian Traffic in San Sebastian

San Sebastian, Spain. You can spend an entire evening there walking and consuming tapas (pintxos).

Sensory Overload

Far too many pedestrians in Hong Kong. After a while the crowds and neon got the best of me and I took the subway back to my hotel.

The Church of Microsoft

Hong Kong made me think of New York City. Manhattan has no shortage of foot traffic. This Microsoft store looks like a modern church (and perhaps this is a sign of our times). It also looks like a copy of some Apple stores I’ve seen. Vive la difference (or not).

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