Junk drawer inspiration

OK, the prompt for generating ideas today from StoryStorm Day 6 suggests a dive into the junk drawer. The contents are a little embarrassing to share–a Lego man, 10 British pounds, a ruler, my never used tuning fork from medical school, a Chicago city sticker from my car, a Mariano’s market loyalty card.  What fun though as long as I don’t think about needing to clean the drawer out.  Everyone is obsessed with Marie Kondo these days.  I doubt there is much in my drawer that would spark joy but I think I can spark a few writing ideas.  The Lego man seems irresistible.  I have the idea now and need to run off and write it down before I forget!  See you tomorrow.


One thought on “Junk drawer inspiration

  1. Lovely junk drawer! Doesn’t look like one at all! The first time I ever heard of Marie Kondo was yesterday… and now I’m reading here. I postpone to google her name … too afraid 🙂


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