Things that Glow

Lively Ads
New York City, Times Square at night.

So many things can be said to glow. Glow seems to be determined by a quality of light but can range from the over the top advertising in the image above, to the young girl’s dress at her quinceanera seen below.
Photo op
Such an event must come with an emotional glow as well. I can only imagine this girl feels the warm glow of being the star of the show. She probably feels very grown up and beautiful surrounded by her friends, a celebrity with her paparazzi.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves glow in the sun. It almost seems as if they emit their own light. This photo was taken a year ago yesterday. I think warm weather has delayed color changes a bit this year.
Thanks to the Daily Post for this week’s theme: Glow.



I always walk more when I travel and, usually, I see more people walking as well. I have always been a little shy of street photography as I am reluctant to photograph strangers. I don’t like looking down the barrel of someone else’s camera lens. Why should I impose on others? Have you ever wondered how many random photos there are of you floating around the internet? More than a few I would guess unless you never leave home.
For the Daily Post Photo Challenge this week (Pedestrian, obviously) I sorted through my travel photos and found a few that seem to illustrate the theme well.

People watching in Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China. Normally a tourist would see quite a crowd from this vantage point but we had the advantage of traveling in January. We had a wonderful lunch here and then went biking. Biking out of the city proper was one of the more terrifying experiences I have had in a long time. Imagine bumper cars but you are on a bike and everyone else has a car or motorcycle. And there are no rules.

Pedestrian Traffic in San Sebastian

San Sebastian, Spain. You can spend an entire evening there walking and consuming tapas (pintxos).

Sensory Overload

Far too many pedestrians in Hong Kong. After a while the crowds and neon got the best of me and I took the subway back to my hotel.

The Church of Microsoft

Hong Kong made me think of New York City. Manhattan has no shortage of foot traffic. This Microsoft store looks like a modern church (and perhaps this is a sign of our times). It also looks like a copy of some Apple stores I’ve seen. Vive la difference (or not).


Gelateria at Night

A gelateria in Lecce, Italy. I didn’t stop for fear of missing my train.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows are eyes to the world’s interiors. What can be better while traveling than window shopping or (at times) window spying? Here are a few of my window shots from Italy for The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Windows.

Tulips in Boots

Doubled windows of a corner store in Bari, make for an interesting effect.

Mother and Daughter

Windows light the night so you can people watch without being observed.

Les Reves de Pierre et de Paris

Window shopping in Paris isn’t half bad either.

Il Mattino

Sometimes my photos lead to wonderful quests in search of the details in the images. Usually it begins with a search for the location but sometimes I have photographed a historical item and I want/need to know more. More rarely, like this image, there are words I need to understand and interpret.
This image proved challenging. What is written on the door? I found that Guiseppe Parini (1729-1799) was an Italian poet and the words are an excerpt from his long poem, Il Giorno (The Day) from 1763. Finding an English translation was difficult and Google translate had a few issues that made me laugh.
Here is an excerpt of the poem, followed by a Google translation and then mine. I don’t even speak Italian and I think I did a better job!

Come ingannar questi nojosi e lenti
giorni di vita, cui sì lungo tedio
e fastidio insoffribile

1. Google
How to fool these slacks and lenses
Days of life, which is so long bullshit
And uncomfortable annoyance

2. Me
How to deceive these humdrum and slow
days of life, which are so long, tedious
and insufferably bothersome

Here are the words from the door:

Sorge il Mattino in compagnia dell’Alba
Innanzi al Sol che di poi grande appare
Su l’estremo orizzonte a render lieti
Gli animali e le piante e i campi e l’onde.

Morning rises in the company of Dawn
First the Sun which then appears large
On the extreme horizon to please
The animals and the plants and the fields and the waves.

(Translation again mine. Italian speakers, please feel free to improve upon it in the comments section).

The delightful mystery at the end of this journey is who would write this poem on a door and why?

And now for another photo meme

This is from Cee and is entitled: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter E – Needs to have two E’s in the topic word. I head back to Italy and my month long residency in Bari down in the heel of the boot. While I tried to write consistently on the weekdays (until my computer crashed and had to be wiped which is another story), I took short trips on the weekends. My first such outing was to the city of Lecce–look two E’s. Lecce is known for Roman ruins, picturesque churches and a lovely maze of streets.

Here is a photo of one street in Lecce. Even the store Belle Arti boasts two E’s.

Street in Lecce

I am not always able to record where I took a particular photo. Sometimes I’m too tired, hurried or just don’t have anything to write on. This is where Google comes in handy. Just for fun I’m posting an image of the same locale I found on Google Street Maps after looking up the Belle Arti shop.  Pretty cool.  Plus of course, the Google image is so much more interactive.

Galleria Belle Arti--Google Images-001

If you look the other way you can see people waving at the Google car.

People waving at Google car (2)

And for something completely different–from a healthcare rally in Chicago. Healthcare and Medicare have two E’s, of course.

Medicare for All


Layered Netting

Layers of netting on a wharf in Bari, Italy.

The Daily Post Weekly Challenge is calling for layers, figurative or literal. Scrolling through my photos pulls back a few layers of unprocessed images.
When I think of layers I think of layers of meaning, layers in a French pastry, geologic layers compressed in rock, layers of stone in an ancient roof, layers of junk in my office (sigh). What comes to your mind?

Stone Roofing

These are the roofs of Trulli, old buildings made from mortarless stone found in Puglia, Italy. Many Trulli are found in the town of Alberobello which is a world heritage site. My landlord while I stayed in Bari told me that many local people use a Trullo as a vacation home (with modern conveniences added) and they are scattered throughout Puglia. Alberobello was a bit touristy for my taste. The countryside nearby was beautiful though.

Alberobello Roofs